Braves find Lee’s Kryptonite

Lee coming in was an amazing 5-0 with a 0.68 with the phillies. Everyone expected Lee to
Thumbnail image for anderson.jpghave another great preformance in a big game inside the division but the Braves thought otherwise. Bottom of the 1st Utley hit a solo shot to deep right. So Cliff Lee had a lead going into the 2nd and kept that lead until the 5th. Lee gave up two singles to start the inning, then Garret Anderson hit a line drive home run to right. Garret Anderson (Lee’s Kryptonite) lifetime is batting .412 and has 8 RBI against Lee including todays game. Anderson ended the game 3 for 3 with 3 RBI off of Lee. After that home run Lee could not get going again. He let up 3 more runs and they came off a two run home run from Matt Diaz and a solo shot from Yunel Escobar. Durbin came in to relieve Lee and he didn’t do any better. The Braves hit three more off of Durbin two coming of a Chipper Jones two run homer. Phillies could have been in this game but they only had one run on ELEVEN HITS. Either Lowe was on lock down when he got into jams or the phillies just can’t knock in RISP. I would have to go with the phillies struggling with RISP. It is just embarrising to have one run on eleven hits. The phillies even had bases loaded with no outs and got no runs out of it. Howard and Werth both struck out and Ibanez flied out. It was so bad that even mother nature had enough. The game ended in the 8th because of rain and lightning. Final score 9-1.

Tomorrow the phillies will look to win this three game series against the Braves. Blanton is going to be the pitcher for the phils. He is 8-6 with a 3.88 ERA. His last start he went 6 innings allowed 3 ER and got a ND. Pitching for the Braves will be Jair Jurrens. He is 10-8 with a 2.91 ERA. His last start he went 7.2 innings allowed 1 ER and came away with a ND.

Side Note
: Myers had another rehab start today he went 2 innings allowed 1 ER had 2 strikeouts and no walks.


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