Phils win in extras off of Howards HR

Thumbnail image for howard.jpgAfter a disapponting loss the phillies wanted to start this game off with a bang. There is no way better to do that than with a solo shot from Chase Utley in the top of the 1st. That was the only run that Hamels would get and he would make the most of it. Hamels had a 2008 like preformance as he went 8 innings allowed 0 runs on 7 hits and had 7 strikeouts. He did get into jams but he got out of them which he wasn’t doing his past 3 starts. While this was all positive the phillies still had issues in the back of their bullpen. Lidge wasn’t available after pitching 4 straight games so they went with setup man Madson. Ryan Madson has closed before but he also wasn’t lights out. Coming in Madson has had 8 opportunities and only converted 4 saves. Well that changed to 4 saves on 9 opp. on a 1-2 fastball down the middle to Brandon Moss and he didn’t miss. Another blown save for the phillies, now we are going to extras. Top of the tenth runners on first and third and red hot Ryan Howard steps in. First pitch changeup and Howard hits every part of the ball. Three run home run and phillies take a three run lead. The game winner now has Howard 4th in home runs with 35 and tied third with Pujols with 107 RBI. A three run lead was enough for Madson and the phillies won 4-1.

Side notes: Myers went two innings 5 strikeouts 0 earned runs and only allowed 1 hit. If Lidge continues to struggle the phillies would have to put Myers in the closer spot. Myers has closed before in 2007 and converted 20 saves on 24 opp. So phillies fans can only hope that Manuel would be willing to take Lidge out of the closer spot and put in Myers.


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