Phillies Head Home against Colorado

The phillies have just came off a terrible road trip and are going to try and turn things around
Moyer.jpgat home. Jamie Moyer (LHP) is going to pitch the first game of three with the Rockies. Moyer is 10-7 with a 5.32 era. He is coming off a solid preformance his last outing going 6.2 innings allowing 0 ER. The Rockies have Jason Hammel (RHP) pitching. He is 5-6 with a 4.66 era. His last outing was terrible going 1.1 innings pitched allowing 5 ER. Phillies should get some runs off this guy but to win they are gonna need to play solid defense with moyer on the mound. With the phillies you usually don’t worry about their defense but the way the last road trip went you got to worry. They had 5 errors on the road trip and that has haunted them. So in order for the phils to get out of this funk they need to start playing more solid defense.

Just some side notes Victorino seemed to be running fun but it will be up to Manuel to see when he fells the all-star is ready. Martinez had a bullpen session today and worked on pitching from the stretch. Also people who get Comcast Sportsnet philly, at 7:30 turn on Comcast and watch the Pen. It is about the phils bullpen and it is narrated by Mitch Williams. Usually it is on the MLB network and I don’t get that so I am definently going to watch it.

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