Phillies Stole Lee from Indians

It is offical Cliff Lee, reigning Cy Young winner, has been traded to the phils for Lou Marson, Jason Knapp, Carlos Carrasco, and Jason Donald. Jason Knapp had a 2-7 record with a 4.01 era, Carrasco only had 6 wins with a 5.18 era, Lou Marson is a good hitter but not a good defensive catcher, and Donald was only defense and not much a hitter. So getting Cliff Lee without giving up Drabek,Taylor, Brown, or Happ was huge. Now they have the top of the rotation starter but still have their top prospects which is nice for the future of the team. Does this mean the phils are the team to beat? Uh let me think about it…..yeah. Really tell me if I am wrong but who is going to match the phils lineup while trying to score runs off of Lee, Hamels, and Happ. Its pretty much a wrap just give the phils the NL East, and give them the NL Champion crown, but don’t give them the World Series yet because I think the Red Sox will be a big challenge for the Phillies.

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and please give me your opinion on the subject

Oh I forgot. The phils also got Ben Franscisco who is going to be a nice right handed pinch hitter



  1. sportstar60

    Definetly agree on the drabak, taylor, brown point gave up 1/4 of the price that the blue jays were asking for holladay and got cliff lee and still keeping their top prospects. and your right red sox are definetly scary if we get into the world series and their there waiting for us be a tough series but a historical world series.

  2. carolmwl

    Yup. Reports say that Ruben Amaro was wearing a mask when he completed the Cliff Lee deal. =)

    Carol How ‘Bout Those Phils?

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