Phils May win East Without Halladay but May not Make Another World Series Run

Phillies just went on a ten streak, Pedro Martinez is making a rehab start soon, and Phillies are in the running for Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay. Now Martinez is not going to be the pitcher he was when he won the Cy Young but he will be better than an aging Jamie Moyer. The Mets are showing no signs of catching the Phils as the Nationals beat them 2-1 in a three game series. The Braves lineup is not good enough to keep them winning. Marlins are out of it because they are going to have to beat the Phils in a series to catch up and they got swept so I don’t see them doing anything. Rollins has started to play like he did in his MVP season, and when Rollins gets on the Phils score. His speed is such a threat and he is a smart base runner, and when you have Victorino, Utley, and Howard his base running helps a lot. So with all that said i think the East is a wrap. As for  trade talks for Halladay, I don’t think it is going to happen. If I did I would title this entry ‘Phils may  Repeat’. Look Halladay is not going to be traded if the Blue Jays aren’t getting the value they want and the Phils taking pitching prospect Kyle Drabek out of trade talks isn’t what the Blue Jays wanted to hear. So they are going to need Martinez to pitch well and Hamels to return to 2008 postseason form. Without Halladay I think the Phils will fall short of a repeat.


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